Moschino Launching New Makeup Collection with Sephora

Moschino X Sephora’s New collection is totally inspired by Office Collection more look like your school stationery stuff. Pretty Cool look Jeremy Scott designed, announced on Instagram that the line is ready for release on April 25 via Sephora’s website.

Lets have a look on what they have in their collection


Eyeshadow Palette which looked like a Macbook.


Highlighters named as Control, Alt and Delete which are in Highlighter shaped which looks like old school neon marker with a black cap.



Marker Eyeliner, looks like a sharper black marker having a very thin nib which helps you to draw a fine wing line.


Liquid Lipstick is the another marker themed product. It comes in a set of five shades namely Escape, Enter, Shift, Power and Command from chic pink to red vibrant purple and teal.


Nail Polish, looked like a whitener or white out, obviously it is in a white colour.

This collection also consists of essential makeup tools.

Sponge, if you are in love with sponge blending techniques then this is for you. It comes in a set of three in pink colour which look like classic Paper mate erasers.


Brushes, comes in a set of five essential brushes looks like sharpened pencils.


Mask, and yes there is a Toy Honey Sheet Mask. This is a hydrating face mask sheet infused with honey.