The Korean Skin Care Routine In Detail

Koreans are considered to be one of most demanding beauty consumer of the world. Already being blessed with good skin, but they carve for more translucent and porcelain skin. That’s make the Korean Cosmetic industry to innovate something new and effective.

So if looking for glowing flawless skin we should go for “The Korean Skin Care Routine”. This Korean Skin Care Routine is little more extensive as compared to the average skincare regime.

Here we go with detail step by step routine of the Korean Skin Care which  is a unique regime.

Step 1:  Cleansers 

There are two types of cleaner available under this step.Oil Based Cleaner and Water Based Cleaner.

Starting with oil based cleaner to removes dirt and makeup. It clears the first layers of impurities without stripping the skin. This step is continued by using the water based cleaner, which clean the leftover dirt along with making the skin soft and subtle.


Step 2: Toners 

The Korean toner way different to other toner as gives hydration, moisture and balanced the ph level of the skin. This toner is example of innovative formulae of Korean cosmetic industry. They had give this regime by enhancing the traditional one. Toner helps to absorbs nicely the next product going to be applied.


Step 3 : Exfoliate

Exfoliation is used to remove dead skin and  cleans out clogged pores. This step is not done one regular basis, one in a week or as per requirement. This too help to lighten the skin tone ,so it’s a great help for tough complexion.


Step 4 :Essence

This is most loved part of Korean makeup regime. It is similar to ampoule and serums. We call it hybrid of serum and toner as it watery in consistency. It helps to maintain the moisture in skin, as watery consistency so it is easily absorbed by our skin like sponge and hydrate the complexion. 


Step 5 :Serums

This is not much needed step ,if you don’t have any pigmentation. As this product is designed to help  skin type, such as fine lines, loss of firmness, hyper pigmentation and dehydration.


Step 6: Ampoules

 Being similar to serum it also have some properties of serum including higher active element taking care of special skin type. One can use it number of time or can be customized according the skin need.


Step 7 :Mask

Korean are famous for their special mask called sheet mask. Mask is chosen according to need of the skin. There are mask available for all skin type giving refreshing, anti-aging, hydration to skin.


Step 8 :Moisturiser 

This helps in locking the skin layer to provide a barrier, by not letting the application to evaporates. It is applied equally all over the face to gains long-lasting hydration of skin.


Step 9 : Eye cream

As the skin around the eye thinner and gets dehydrated so different cream has been designed for it. One can choose according to their need from fine lines to dark circle. This cream is easily absorbed by the area to keep hydrated and protected all day.


Step 10: Sunscreen

We should never ignore that sunscreen it is important to have sunscreen on your skin daily. Sunscreen is not only important in summer but to avoid dark spots and fine lines .It protects the skin from the sun UV rays.

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After using all the steps of Korean Skin Care in routine you will be the owner of glowing skin in a week.