Urban Decay’s New Street Style Brow Collection

If thinking of makeup then eye brow filling plays most vital role in the these days you cannot find different collection for brow makeup. But with the time changes there are different products are available by different cosmetics brand.

This year the cult makeup brand Urban Decay is launching its Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection. This is collection which everyone want to have in their makeup kit. It provides the exact makeup of eyebrow what you want. Urban decay gives a complete set of tool and product which help in making elite shapes and arch. This brow comes with a new handy Brow guide with collaboration of LA’s most popular micro-bladers, Audrey Glass.  They joined hands with Brow Expert to come up different brow stencils. It gives us option to choose according to our need. Getting perfect eyebrow is little tricky but with the help of  Urban Decay Street Style Brow Collection, makes able to achieve sculpt and define eyebrows.

Coming on January 2019 it  is packed with following products:

  • Double Down Brow,  :- It is coming in seven different shades which help to find perfect combination. It is high-tech putty-to-powder formula, for smudge-proof brows that last up to 16 hours. Having a mini double-ended brush with and angled brush on one end and a mini spoolie for blending on the other.
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  • Brow BLADE :- A dual ended design having waterproof brow pencil on one side and other end contain ink stain. Ink stain help to apply soft and hair-like stroke. The leftover areas can be fill by pencil.
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  • Brow Endowed :- You can get natural-looking brows with the new tool that volumizes and sets brows. It is a double ended tool with that primer fluffs and holds, and other with a tinted cream fills. The cream is  available in seven shades . Brow Endowed  resists sweat and smudging for up to 24 hours.

  • Brow Finish :- It is waterproof eye brow gel. It has clear and shimmer texture that add little sparkle to your eyebrow. It helps in setting of brow in well defined way after filling them. It comes with double sided brush giving longevity of 16 hours. It is good for every day wear.

  • Brow Guide Brow Stencils :- Urban Decay collaborated with Audrey Glass to produce eight eyebrow stencils to give shapes to eyebrow at home. It is combined with Brow Blade for arch and double down brow for pigmentation and depth.

Enjoy this year with giving new shapes and making the brow beautiful by using this collection of Urban’s Decay New Brow Collection.

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