Yoga Skin is the New Lit from within Makeup Trend Taking over Social Media

New year means new beauty trends and new things to obsess over…!!!

The latest trend of 2019 which has already taken over the whole social media is ‘Yoga Skin’.

Yoga Skin: This is a technique started and coined by famous makeup artist Sarahill which will give you the shiniest and glowiest skin of all time in few easy steps.

As explained by Sara Hill:

Yoga skin is a look that feels real. ‘Glass skin’ and similar trends are about creating a perfected, flawless complexion, but yoga skin is about creating luscious, fresh and juicy skin that looks natural, but glowing with health.”

“I called it ‘yoga skin’ because it emulates that really gorgeous radiance you have when you step out of the yoga studio; juicy, dewy and super-hydrated. It’s not about hiding imperfections but creating a hyper-real version of your natural skin, pinchable and just irresistible!”

Eight easy steps to get the Yoga Skin as explained by Sara Hill:
  • Cleanse and prep your skin as normal. Let your skincare absorb fully before adding the next step.
  • Apply a small amount of primer (silicone free).
  • 3-4 Pumps of your favourite foundation liquid. Preferably Sheer/Medium (water based). No full cover.
  • One drop of your favourite skincare facial oil.
  • One drop of strobe cream or Liquid highlighter. Golden tones work best.
  • For super shine One small drop of Glow drops (this step is optional )
  • Massage into your skin using your hands; this does many things. It gets the circulation flowing, relaxes you, de-puffs, and makes the base sit better too. Build up in layers on top until you are happy with the coverage created. I would recommend allowing time between layers.
  • Add a small amount of liquid concealer only in the areas you wish more coverage like under eyes, spots or around the nose. Please do not overdo this step.

Getting Korean glass like skin is not a dream anymore with this latest trick and the best part is you don’t need to do yoga for it (unless and until you want to).

Whole social media is obsessed with it and now it’s your time to glow yourself.

So now go and glow yourself…!!!